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Análisis de las lexías complejas en documentos medievales murcianos

Pilar Díez de Revenga Torres


The structure of a series of documents referring to donations and transactions, written in the Kingdom of Murcia in the XIIIth century, is analyzed in this paper. Every document is considered as a microtext divided into several sections, according to the models presented by Prof. G. del Ser Quijano —in the juridical aspect— and Prof. Roudil and Metzeltin —in the linguistic one—. Once the texts are analyzed according to the proposed scheme, we group them bearing in mind their structures and comparing one to another. Likewise, the complex lexies occurring in every section and repeated in their equivalents of other documents are studied by us ... They are inventoried and their variants and antecedents are studied, considering some morphosyntactic aspects.

Palabras clave

Murcia (Reino); Documentos medievales; Siglo XIII; Análisis estructural; Lexías complejas

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1985-1986.3.08

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