Fantasía creadora y componente imaginario en la obra literaria

María Rubio Martín


This article intends to be a concrete contribution to the study of the imaginary component in literary works, within the field of the Poetics of the Imaginary. It also deals with its psycological-anthropological bases and its outstanding features in the text. You can find the roots for this component in the so-called 'creative fantasy', from a psycological-psycoanalistic perspective. After Freud's and his disciples' investigations upon unconscious, Psychoanalistic criticism, Psycocritics, Mytocritics and Mytoanalysis have tried to give a satisfactory explanation to the meaning of literary works —these understood as a result of the actualization of the unconscious through latent fantasy. But only the Poetics of the Imaginary, in its most recent studies, associates symbols —consequences of pulsional movements—, with the material structures of the text, through what García Berrio has denominated, 'schemes of fantastic spatialitation'.

Palabras clave

Creación artística; Fantasía; Creatividad; Psicocrítica; Mitocrítica; Poesía; Arquetipos; Poética de lo imaginario; Creación literaria

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