Notas sobre el uso de la retórica en la publicidad televisiva

Antonio Briz Gómez, Manuel Pruñonosa Tomás, Enrique N. Serra Alegre


We intend to reflect on the use of Rhetoric in t.v. advertising starting from the survey of several spots given off by T.V.E. Therefore, we fix the structural organization of advertisements. Afterwards we study the rhetoric of spot in the sound and in the picture and, mainly, ¡n the conjunction of both bands; in this sense spots are normally based on a rhetorical figure that involves both bands. Our observations set up an essentially metaphoric basis to the construction of publicity message. We infer that advertising works with connotative signs, where the assembly of picture and sound tracks becomes the significant of metaphoric meaning that is insinuated.

Palabras clave

Televisión; Anuncios; Publicidad; Lenguaje publicitario; Retórica

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