A propósito de las relaciones sintácticas oracionales: categorías y clases de funciones

Agustín Vera Luján


This work studies the syntactic functions in the sentence as relations that can be represented in the way of metalinguistic signs. We propose the definition of these sign functions from a double perspective: on the one hand, considering their relations to the sentence unit, getting this way its definition as categories of functions; on the other hand, their relations to other sentence functions. From this perspective, we will obtein their characterization as classes of functions. The analysis of these syntactical functions from this point of view implies the extension of the traditional concept of linguistic significant beyond a mere phonic nature, so that we will consider as significants of categories and classes of functions, respectively, certain articulations of monemes and the compatibility with other functional classes.

Palabras clave

Función sintáctica; Tipología semántica; Sujeto; Predicado; Complemento verbal; Sintaxis oracional; Categorías funcionales

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1988-1989.5.10

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