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Aspectos tipológicos del texto instructivo (a propósito del prospecto para medicamento de uso humano)

Juan Pedro Gómez Sánchez


The present article is a study that aims to characterize the textual structure (macroestructure and superestructure) of the pharmaceutical prospectus, dismantling the textual plan and determining the differentials elements of that kind of instructive text. The configuration of the type and the stablishment of its individuality is based on the integration of criteria and standard elements. This essays shows how the complementary perspectives can explain, with coherence, the outline of the type.

Palabras clave

Prospectos farmacéuticos; Texto instructivo; Lingüística textual; Semiótica; Semántica; Tipología textual

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1993.9.09

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