La clase de función 'complemento circunstancial' de modo en español


  • María Luisa Masiá Canuto


Palabras clave:

Complemento circunstancial, Función sintáctica, Sintagma preposicional, Adverbios, Adjuntos, Lengua española


The starting point of this research is to be found in essays on linguistic functions carried out by E. Alarcos, G. Rojo and S. Gutiérrez. It was in the field of linguistic functionalism that the question of semiotic nature of linguistic functions was explicity stated: if utterance syntactic relations are meaningful, such meanings must be associated to significants which perform the task of transmitting them. Alarcos, Rojo and Gutiérrez began their work with subject function. Agustín Vera continued such study by also defining direct and indirect object function. Although we have studied adverbial function in its wholeness, this article is intended only to state our work on manner adverbials. Significant and meaning of manner class is a metalinguistic sign which we shall have to study.


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Masiá Canuto, M. L. (1993). La clase de función ’complemento circunstancial’ de modo en español. ELUA: Estudios De Lingüística. Universidad De Alicante, (9), 97–116.