Sobre la distinción aspecto vs. aktionsart

Milagros Fernández Pérez


The objective of this work is to show the uselessness of the distinction between aspect and akionsart, both from General Linguistcs and from Descriptive Linguistics viewpoint. After rewiewing the Slavonic tradition (crucial to set up the most well-known notion of aspect), and the substantial and inflective conception of Morphology, the work tries to show the necessity of a description of the grammatical (morphological) nature of aspect, based on syntagmatical implications rather than on the means through which it may be rendered (lexical, periphrastical, inflective, etc.). Grammatical formalization of aspectual contents is thus explained through the regular syntactical repercussions which causes, e.g. specific syntactic functions, certain constitutive frameworks, restricted combination possibilities, etc.

Palabras clave

Atkionsart; Aspecto verbal; Modo de acción; Categorías gramaticales; Lingüística general; Lingüística descriptiva

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