El 'centro' y la 'periferia' de la categoría de sustantivo en español

María Tadea Díaz Hormigo


The present paper constitutes an attempt to establish a delimitation between central and peripheral elements in the category noun in Spanish according to the criterial mentioned as relevant for this distinction by the linguistics of Prague school. Two major aspects are analysed. First, the relational character of the nouns (it is relational the noun which is the nuclear element of an abstract syntactic-semantic pattern which consists of some linguistic variables). In this respect, it may be proved that is a characteristic of the Spanish nouns, unlike verbs, to be no relational. Second, particular attention is paid to the nouns which have a formal-semantic relation with others units of the language system. In our opinion, the nouns which are no relational and/or which are relationed with other unit go away from the centre of this category and they gradually pass (infiltrate) into the peripheral domain of other or others categories.

Palabras clave

Sustantivo; Escuela de Praga; Categorías gramaticales; Esquema sintáctico-semántico; Lengua española

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1994-1995.10.05

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