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Entramado dialógico y rasgos morfosintácticos en un texto caribeño del siglo XVIII

Mercedes Román Fernández, Beatriz Gallardo Paúls

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1994-1995.10.16


This article is an attempt of applying the conversational analysis to planned texts through a Caribbean work of the 18th. century called Historia de la conquista de la isla española de Santo Domingo. Trasumtada el año de 1762, del autor dominicano Luis José Peguero. It has been tried to systematize in the conversational analysis a series of elements which characterize the spoken language. This language belongs to a written text which gathered the basic structures and patterns managed in the communicative fact by the speakers, through the intuition of the writer-speaker in which J. L. Peguero became, to transmit his message to his workers.This approach omits the barely socio-linguistical analysis, worried about the kind of the south-western area of S. Domingo speech where this work is settled.On the contrary it has been tried to stay within the real linguistical view, more related to the pragmatics or to the conversational analysis and, thus, make explicit some perceptive realities more or less variable identifying and describing conversational conducts.

Palabras clave

Oralidad; Textos escritos; Rasgos morfosintácticos; Formas de tratamiento; Enunciados; Análisis de la conversación; Peguero, Luis José; Historia de la conquista de la isla española de Santo Domingo

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1994-1995.10.16

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