Traductores: traidores a su lengua materna


  • María Luisa Masiá Canuto


Palabras clave:

Traductores, Enseñanza de la lengua, Composición escrita, Errores de escritura, Corrección de errores, Lengua materna, Lengua española


Those of us who are engaged in the teaching of Spanish for translators believe that our main objective is that they become good writers in Spanish. Bearing this in mind, on the one hand we must watch out for and detect their most frequent mistakes in order to include them in our syllabus, and, on the other hand we must be capable of applying the most suitable error correction skills. In our opinion, this task cannot be performed if we do not choose the model which best describes the written composition process. The article ends up with a proposal of an error correction model which we consider as the most appropiate in order to avoid that translators to-be may betray their mother tongue.


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Masiá Canuto, M. L. (1996). Traductores: traidores a su lengua materna. ELUA: Estudios De Lingüística. Universidad De Alicante, (11), 251–260.