Homogeneidad del léxico agrícola en la Merindad de Campoo según el Atlas lingüístico y etnográfico de Cantabria

José Manuel Ruiz Núñez


In spite of its small dimensions, Cantabria has suffered a remarkable process of comarcalización (regionalization), reflected on its linguistic and cultural diversity. In this article we seek to emphasize the homogeneity of the agricultural vocabulary of Merindad de Campoo, a southern Cantabrian district, in contrast to the rest of the region; in addition to this, it is noticed the increasing incursion of the Castilian variety into the dialectal one. So as to prove both issues, we have analysed the materials of the Alias lingüístico y etnográfico de Cantabria (The Linguistic and Ethnographic Atlas of Cantabria) by Manuel Alvar from a comprehensive point of vue, but paying special attention to the aspects that link Linguistic Geography with Lexicography.

Palabras clave

Agricultura; Áreas dialectales; Atlas lingüísticos; Léxico agrícola; Vocabulario; Atlas lingüístico y etnográfico de Cantabria; Campoo (Comarca); Cantabria

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