La toponimia prehistórica de los Alpes: una aproximación a la reconstrucción de la lengua prehistórica de Europa


  • Juan Luis Román del Cerro


Palabras clave:

Toponimia, Preindoeuropeo, Lengua prehistórica, Etimología, Reconstrucción lingüística, Alpes


Is presented a part of the investigation that is being made about the prehistoric microtoponymy of Mediterranean countries. Therefore, it has delimited prospecting areas studied and intensive exhaustive way: the Moroccan Rif and the Sous Valley; in Tunisia, the central region of Maktar and Djebel Bargou, basically formed by fifteen Berber cities from the pre-romanesque age; in the Iberian Peninsula the whole Mediterranean coast; in the center of the Meseta and in the North with Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa (mountains in the North of Spain); in Italy an important part of Apennines and the Italian Alps; and in the French Alps, most of the high mountain Alpine. This last work is presented here. The toponymic databanc which has generated the information included in this work is about 26.000 toponymic entries. The equivalence between North Mediterranean toponyms and the South ones is so strong and constant, that it seems very promising to investigate. This, in the sense that this pre-indoeuropean linguistic family spread from the Sahara to the North of Africa, and from there to the Mediterranean countries in the North shore, and later to central and Insular Europe. This population movement may have had its origin in the Saharan depopulation. The current survey releases some conclusions of a future comparative study of the pre-indoeuropean toponymy in the countries named before, and also other countries. To be precise, we will check all the operating toponymic morpheme in the countries prospected before, describing here the way they are present in Alpine toponymy and wether they keep the same meaning. The survey, which is currently being written, is financed by the European Union.



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Román del Cerro, J. L. (1998). La toponimia prehistórica de los Alpes: una aproximación a la reconstrucción de la lengua prehistórica de Europa. ELUA: Estudios De Lingüística. Universidad De Alicante, (12), 249–282.