Sobre los límites de la gramática en los diccionarios: (una ojeada a la evolución de las indicaciones gramaticales en los diccionarios monolingües del español)

Dolores Azorín Fernández, María Antonia Martínez Linares


In this paper we have dealt with the evolution of the treatment that –from the initial editions of DRAE to our present days- monolingual dictionaries of Spanish have given to transitive verbs that accept pronominal constructions. With this study we intend not only to value how Lexicography can benefit from grammatical developments, but also to show how necessary is to fix a limit in the amount of grammatical information included in a dictionary, which sometimes is very useful for researchers but not for users.

Palabras clave

Lexicografía; Diccionarios monolingües; Información gramátical; Lengua española

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