La adquisición del español en la población inmigrada en España: apuntes para una reflexión sobre el paradigma

Beatriz  Soto Aranda, Mohamed El-Madkouri


The Acquisition of the Target Languages by Immigrants is nowadays a burning subject, not only because of the increasing interest recorded in the Migratory Phenomenon Studies but also because of the impact on and the processing by the Mass Media of the recent decisions of some European governments in the sense of making the Target Language Learning a compulsory study for immigrants. This paper aims to contribute to the debate with an overall impression about some factors that Public Powers should take into account at the moment of putting into practice this kind of measures. What is the role of the Target Societies as Second Language Acquisition Contexts? What extent the Acculturation Processes decide the Target Language Learning to? Have all the immigrants access on an equal basis to the Reception Language Learning? And finally, What is the difference between the teaching of Spanish for immigrants and other Spanish L2 Teaching Programs?

Palabras clave

Inmigrantes; Política lingüística; Aprendizaje de la lengua; Segunda lengua; Competencia comunicativa; Integración lingüística; Lengua española

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