Delimitación terminológica y conceptual de las unidades lingüísticas del nivel sintáctico-semántico suboracional

María Tadea Díaz Hormigo


This paper initially accounts for what has hitherto been reported by linguists who belong to different tendencies and methodologies regarding the linguistic units that are present on the existing level between sentence and word levels (i.e., those constructions that have nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs appearing in nuclear position). Our aim is to contrast the results of the theoretical and critical revision with linguistic data. Concluding the article, we set out our stance on this matter and therefore suggest a possible name for these linguistic units. In our opinion, noun phrases, verb phrases, adjective phrases and adverb phrases should be denominated sub-sentential syntactic-semantic units.

Palabras clave

Unidades lingüísticas; Sintaxis; Oraciones; Terminología gramatical; Terminología lingüística

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