Lengua poética y lengua técnica: creación y ciencia

Pilar Díez de Revenga Torres


In the present article we shall study how one can find a literary work in which the use of poetic language is combined with that of specialised language. Its concerns the autobiographical work of Maria Cegarra Salcedo, poet and chemist, in which two facets are perfectly reflected: her career, linked to science, and her daily living in which her family life and her working life converge: the teaching of chemistry and laboratory work. She makes use of a technical lexis which, once it passed beyond the frontier of specialised language, arrives at a common language thus allowing her to create as many metaphors as needed in order to express her emotions.

Palabras clave

Lenguaje poético; Lenguaje literario; Lenguaje técnico; Lenguaje científico; Denotación; Connotación; Lenguajes especializados; Cegarra Salcedo, María

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