Reflexiones sobre la clase de palabra pronombre

María Victorina Crego García


A review of several works that analyse and classify the different pronoun types brings up two opposited viewpoints: Either the constitution of the pronoun as a grammatical class due to its mutable characteristics or to the desintegration of the pronominal class. In this article we do not attempt a detailed biographical revision. Therefore, we will not be concerned with a "state of the matter". Instead, we will present the two main conceptual and classifying options to subsequently state our position with regard to the question. We will use a series of parameters or linguistic criteria to justify our position. Although most of the criteria used are of a formal nature, eventually they will be supported by other criteria of a notional or accentual profile.

Palabras clave

Pronombre; Acentuación; Morfología; Sintaxis; Semántica; Partes de la oración; Lengua española

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