Locucions verbals i intel·lecció de clàssics romànics medievals en les seues traduccions: locucions i col·locacions multilingües

Vicent Martines Peres


The aim of this essay is to present some of the results arising from the analysis of Ausiàs March's poems (source text) taking as a starting point the contrast between its several English translations from the XXth century. This technique provides us with models to solve critical units of translation which are also «critical units» for the comprehension and reception of the source text. All in all, translation is the best and hardest way to prove the comprehension of literary works, even more when we are dealing with the works of an author with a difficult and sometimes brusque expression such as Ausiàs March. In this piece of work we will present some examples of the contrastive analysis of the English translation of Ausiàs March's verses containing collocations, locutions and proverbs. Besides the inherent difficulty to translate them, these verses can provide us with a model to solve problems related to the current model of the standard Catalan language. Therefore, this is an interdisciplinary research that combines both elements of history of literature, of translation and of translatology (to check and prove the several techniques and translation criteria of English translators of Ausiàs March), and also elements of linguistics applied to discourse analysis (locutions, collocations and proverbs).

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Locución verbal; Colocaciones; Proverbios; Literatura catalana; Análisis de traducciones; Lengua inglesa; March, Ausiàs

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