Propuesta para la elaboración de una concordancia lematizada: la "institutio oratoria" de Quintiliano

Javier Fresnillo Núñez, Antoni Biosca i Bas


This paper presents a new method for the compilation of lemmatized concordances. The method is illustrated by reference to one specific concordance which is being currently produced by the authors of the paper: that of Quintiliane's Institutio Oratoria, one of the most interesting texts of Classical literature, and a major work in the history of literature and rhetorics. The paper also underlines the need to use the best reliable version of the text in lexicographical research. The concordance in question will include Greek-alphabet terms and diacritical signs of textual criticism. Attention is also drawn to the fact that the concordance will include every variant between the three most usual editions of Institutio Oratoria, that is, Oxford Classical Texts, Teubner, and Les Belles Lettres, a novelty in this kind of works.

Palabras clave

Concordancia; Lematización; Ediciones; Variantes textuales; Textos escritos; Lengua latina; Quintiliano; Institutio oratoria

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