Una clasificación perceptiva de la categoría verbo

Montserrat Veyrat Rigat


The verb caterogy has received different and varied descriptions and explanations throughout the history of the study of language. This paper starts by accounting for the basic postulates of a perceptive framework. This language explanatory framework is philosophically grounded in Fenomenology and, according to it, language exists not merely as an object of autonomous study, but the said object is constructed gradually, as the researcher becomes conscious of it. Next, the paper elaborates on the perceptive fundamentals that allow us to consider the verb category as a perceptive universe with an inner space, an outer space, boundaries and a dynamic space of adherence. The functions that verbs serve in Spanish and in many other languages (auxiliary and main functions) are distributed in these spaces. Finally, following these critera the paper proposes a classification of the verbs of our language taking into consideration their function as main or auxiliary verbs.

Palabras clave

Verbos; Categorías gramaticales; Tipología verbal; Enfoque lingüístico-perceptivo; Lengua española

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA2004.Anexo2.30

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