Verbos locales estativos en español

José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia


This paper deals with a typology of local stative verbs in Spanish. This classification is due to the constructions in which the verbs appear and it is similar to the one established for motion verbs. Thus, I distinguish between situative verbs, position verbs with local incorporation. Situative verbs are those which point out the place where the action is developed. Position verbs determine localization and the way in which a stance is articulated, and they can be classified following parameters such as contact, sensation and physical stance. Finally, I discuss those verbs which have the local component (ground, figure or relational particle) incorporated.

Palabras clave

Verbos de estado; Complemento circunstancial de lugar; Formación de palabras; Localización; Verbo denominal; Morfosintaxis; Lengua española

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