El proceso de informatización de los diccionarios valencianos anteriores al siglo XX: el Diccionario valenciano-castellano (1887) de Constantí Llombart

Maria Isabel  Guardiola i Savall, Antonio  Fernández Varó, Anna  Francés Díez, Maria Guerola Gironés


In this article we describe the steps that were taken for the preparation of the Tresor lexicogràfic valencià (Valencian Lexicographical Thesaurus). This work aims to bring together all lexicographical data from the Valencian Dictionaries from the XVIth to the beginning of the XXth century. The first phase of this project has been completed and it includes all works between 1543 and 1880. In addition to the progressive incorporation of works to this first database, works that are still expected to be found among the collections of public or private libraries, this Thesaurus will include the two extensive Valencian collections of the XIXth century: Constantí Llombart (1887) and Martí i Gadea's work (1891). Due to the extensive content of these works, an individual and organized treatment of the information is necessary in order to proceed with their final inclusion. Recently, a research team of the Catalan Philology Department of the University of Alicante carried out the computerization of Llombart's Dictionary, and the team also expressed the wish to include their work in the other documents as well as submit Martí i Gadea's work to the same computerization process.

Palabras clave

Diccionarios; Corpus lexicográfico; Informatización; Lexicografía; Lengua catalana; Llombart, Constantí; Martí i Gadea, Joaquim

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