El proyecto GRIALE para la ironía en español: conceptos previos

Leonor Ruiz Gurillo, Carmen Marimón Llorca, Xose Antonio Padilla García, Larissa Timofeeva


The aim of this article is to present an outline of the main working lines of GRIALE researching group. This group, integrated by members of the Department of Hispanic Philology from the Universidad de Alicante, has as first task the study of verbal irony in Spanish as well as its application to the teaching of Spanish as LE/L2. Starting form a pragmatic model as the echoic interpretation theory (Sperber and Wilson, 1978), we analyze irony as a variety of echoic mention, we also present a first proposal of different kinds of verbal irony in relation with text typology and we also point out some verbal procedures used to indicate the presence of irony in an utterance or in a written text.

Palabras clave

Ironía; Conceptos teóricos; Contexto; Pragmática; Lengua española

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA2004.18.12

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