La compleja identidad del léxico jurídico

Manuel Martí Sánchez


The terminology of Right is an age long undertaking of the human mind, by means of which it has tried to respond to the necessities, progressively more complex and marked by multiple tensions. This paper has dedicated the first section to the overlaps and differences between categorization and categories of ordinary and special language through the concepts/ meanings linguistic opposition. This has been the base to accede to the linguistic performance of specialized knowledge and, from it, to enter the legal one. Within this, legal terminology is already formed a peculiar organization, between what is scientist-technical and institutional, and between the humanities and the axiomatic things. In this characterization it has played a particularly important role to analyse the terms, the semi legal terms based on ordinary words, and their relation with metaphors.

Palabras clave

Lenguaje jurídico; Terminología jurídica; Vocabulario específico; Categorización; Derecho; Lengua española

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