Fundamentos metateóricos de la ciencia empírica de la literatura

Francisco Chico Rico


The present article constitutes the systematic exposition of the metatheoretical bases of the empirical science of literature, conceived and developed by Siegfried J. Schmidt of Germany. These metatheoretical bases permit both the construction of theories and the establishment, upon the different conceptions elaborated according to their presuppositions, of the fundamentally non-conservative theoretical scientific conditions. The belong to the constructive functionalism («konstruktiver Funktionalismus»), developed among various disciplines by Peter Finke from a modified version of the analytic theory of science elaborated in detail and demonstrated for theories of mathematical physics by Joseph D. Sneed.

Palabras clave

Teoría empírica; Schmidt, Siegfried J.; Grupo NIKOL; Finke, Peter; Funcionalismo; Formación de teorías; Epistemología

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