El texto, lugar de encuentro de la semiótica


  • Josefina Albert Galera



Palabras clave:

Semiótica, Comunicación, Teoría de la comunicación, Texto, Discurso, Actos de habla, Producción de textos


So as to answer the questions which arise when we approach the topic of how language works, and where the sender and the receiver are totally involved, we have tried to list the determining factors in a successful communication. If we start thinking how this communication takes place, and if we consider the need of integrating all the elements which somehow participate in the building up of a text, we establish three types of components, which integrated in a modal, may explain any text of natural language, the speakers, the socio-cultural parameters, the speech acts, and the phonic parameters. The first level is the contextual meaning where we study the concepts of «connection» and «coherence», and the «frame», which organizes the conventional knowledge and the specific situation in which the message is sent. The contextuality, tells as about the role that the sender and the receiver play in communication, and how its meaning and the way both are present, determine up to a certain extent the efficiency of the message, in which the presuppositions are fundamental. Finally, the consideration of the extratextual parameters is really a must so as to fully interpretet the message. Anything which has to do with the texto should be taken into account. So, the time-space coordinates may explain the use of some rethorical figures and literary imagery, and sometimes those coordinates are a must for the interpretation of a text. The three levels of study already mentioned, are integrated in a diagram explained at the end of this paper. All these components are integrated in a system of rules, as followes: TEXT -» ET (TD, TL, TF, TO, TT) + I(CC, ICE, II) + SoCu (TLi, T, L) + Act.H + PFo)), which should be read as: The TEXT is defined as a relationship between the ENUNCIATIONS OF THE TEXT, the SPEAKERS, the SOCIO-CULTURAL parameters, and SPEECH-ACTS and the PHONIC PARAMETERS.



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Albert Galera, J. (1990). El texto, lugar de encuentro de la semiótica. ELUA: Estudios De Lingüística. Universidad De Alicante, (6), 89–105. https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1990.6.05