Hacia un modelo teórico que explique la estructura semántica de los significados emotivos

Juan Luis Jiménez Ruiz


This essay, as its title shows, is intended to establish a theory of linguistics about connotative meaning within the context of dialectical analysis of meaning. Meaning is doubtless a complex phenomenon and, when trying to collect data about it, we have to move necessarily within different fields of study. Our essay shows the possible harmony that can exist between linguistic, semantic and symptomatic semantics. It is, first, a study on the different descriptions of denotative meaning. Symptomatic semantics is a study about the splanations of connotative meaning. We think that two perspectives cannot be considered to be opposite directions, but complementary proposals each of which achieves its reason to be in the dialectical model we defend. Here we present the second stage of this process: connotative meaning and the basis for the construction of a theoretical model able explain it within the dialectical framework we support.

Palabras clave

Connotación; Denotación; Significado; Emotividad; Estructura semántica; Análisis semántico; Teorías lingüísticas

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