Propuestas de demarcación disciplinaria en el análisis dialéctico del significado

Juan Luis Jiménez Ruiz


The present paper constitutes an attempt to establish the parameters between specialized trends in approach, methods or aims, in order to place the analysis of meaning within the boundries of objetivism and humanism, and to organize in adequate epistemological channels the results achieved from different fields of knowledge. This will enable us to have a pluridisciplinary integration model, plural in object (denotative and connotative), method (phenomenological and trascendental) and technique (descriptive and explanatory), which, from linguistic and literary fields, will allow us to get the objective semantic system (formalist) and the subjective one (humanist) in the interpretative framework of the dialectical analysis of meaning.

Palabras clave

Epistemología; Semántica; Significado; Teorías lingüísticas; Historia de la lingüística; Modelos lingüísticos; Modelos literarios

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