Rasgos fonéticos de carácter interferencial en el castellano de una comunidad bilingüe


  • María del Carmen Serrano Vázquez



Palabras clave:

Bilingüismo, Transferencia lingüística, Islas Baleares, Lengua española, Lengua catalana, Interferencia fonética, Lenguas en contacto, Diglosia


Castilian of the Balearic Isles can be analyzed under a point of view of languages in contact. We appreciate this as in the sphere of the individual that uses both languages for communicative purposes, as in the sphere of a society where, in a diglosic way, exists the tendency to employ one tongue or another, taking into account sociolinguistics parameters (home, vicinty, work, administration, mass-media) and where Castilian language is still associated with the sociopolitical and cultural groups of prestige. From the real proves of usage taken along the fieldwork that we have carried out with the scholastic community of the Public School «Es Puig» from Sóller (Balearic-Isles) we have obtained series of phonetics features which show us a remarkable influence of Catalan language patterns over Castilian, in this linguistic community. This linguistic features move away from the standard of Castilian in other geographical areas; they are provoked by the environmental bilingualism which exists in the Balearic Community and present a great vitality stimulated by the progressive social normalization of Catalan language, which reach the acceptation of many of them by the non-bilingual Balearic Community.


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Serrano Vázquez, M. del C. (1996). Rasgos fonéticos de carácter interferencial en el castellano de una comunidad bilingüe. ELUA: Estudios De Lingüística. Universidad De Alicante, (11), 365–383. https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA1996-1997.11.18