El Cancionero de Unamuno: aproximación desde la semántica topológica

Fernando Miguel Pérez Herranz, Antonio José López Cruces


For some time, we have been applying the Semantic Topologic, basing ourselves in the applications to Linguistics with the singularity topological theory approach (in the sense of Thom, Petitot, Wildgen, Brandt...). Untill now, we have been using not too extense poetry. Nevertheless we have dared now to analyse a much greater piece of work: the Unamuno’s Cancionero. We have underlined the verbs — which have the central place in our analysis—, and we have established the hierarchical relationship between them in each poem, taking as starting point the central semantic nucleus offered to us by the singularity topological classification.

Palabras clave

Unamuno, Miguel de; Cancionero; Semántica topológica; Verbos; Estructura morfológica; Topología

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/ELUA2001.15.14

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