Qué significan aspectualmente algunos verbos y qué pueden llegar a significar

Elena de Miguel Aparicio


The present paper investigates the possibility of establishing aspectual verb classes from the perspective of an extended notion of lexical aspect. The hypothesis it is based on (within the theoretical framework of Pustejovsky, 1991, 1995, 2000) assumes that the information codified in the Qualia Structure of the predicate arguments interacts within the lexicon with the Event Structure of the verb in order to generate certain aspectual specifications which, in turn, determine the syntactic behaviour of the verb. According to this approach, the compositional nature attributed traditionally to the lexical aspect becomes a property of the level of the lexicon, which allows to overcome the difficulties arising from the aspectual alternations of the verbs, pointed out by traditional syntactic as well as semantic analysis.

Palabras clave

Verbos; Tipología verbal; Estructura eventiva; Sintaxis semántica; Lexicología; Lengua española

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